5 Must-Visit Places of Northern Pakistan

Travel fanatics love to explore the world, and when it comes to Pakistan, you would love to see the passion of travelers over here. They canst resist traveling northern Pakistan. Do you know Pakistan is one of those cities who offer different sightseeing to visitors? Breathtaking sceneries are grabbing the attention of everyone. If you want to visit with your family or friends then in this blog we are going to explain top 5 places that must be visited on your holiday break. Check it out

Neelum Valley- Azad Kashmir

When it comes to most magnificent places of Azad Kashmir, then we can’t resist Neelum Valley of Azad Kashmir. It has rivers, freshwater streams, green mountains, and canal. You would love the scenes where water was flowing up the roads and splashing against the stones. Do visit here with your family. It’s a lovely place where you can spend your summer breaks.


Shogran has been favorite for tourists, and Siri Paye is the place where travelers can’t resist its fascination. Green level on top of Hindu Kush is overwhelmed by mists. Little lakes with fresh water and horse riders are wandering to give you people a ride. Breathtaking views are superb amazing. Don’t forget to capture these moments in camera to make it last for years.

Hunza valley

If I say Hunza valley is heaven on earth, then nothing would be wrong in it. We can see the Rakaposhi high on the west. Ultar Peak is in the north and landscape is unbelievable. This is situated in 112 km north Gilgit on the west bank of Hunza River. This is geographically divided into three regions lower Hunza, main Hunza, and Hunza gojal. Weather remains Pleasant from spring to summer, but winters are enough cold there. Do visit Hunza valley and it’s up to you either you want to visit by personal car or want to go by tour companies.

Ayun & Bamburet Valley

This place is located in the own of Chitral. This is found 12 kilometers south of the city at the juncture of river bamburet. This is almost two-hour travel from chitral. This valley is such a beautiful place with lavish greenery and mountains give peace and calm view. Ayun valley was bamburet valley which is one of three Kalash valleys.

White Palace Swat

White Palace Marghazar is one of the main breathtaking areas. Mangora city is nearly around 12 km. This is for its normal excellence and lovely climate. The white palace has been a fascination for tourists. It looks wonderful in summers and in winters it gives the captivating feel, especially in snowfall season.

These are the places that you people need to visits with your family and friends. This sightseeing are the assets of Pakistan and tourists come all over the world to see the breathtaking views of Hunza valley, Ayun & Bamburet valley, Paye and White Palace Swat.